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Description of Chakras meditation healing

Meditation application for chakras healing and balancing , including all chakras melodies from Muladhara to Sahasrara with visual color therapy effects for each chakra.
Seed mantra for each Chakra : LAM , VAM , RAM , YAM , HAM , AUM , OM.
Full information about every chakra included.

* In this version you get extra music for free : Tibetan singing bowls sound for all chakras .

This application uses not just sound therapy effects for each chakra but also visual effects of color therapy , for more powerful and effective meditation process.
The Application includes 7 high quality melodies and beautiful animations for meditation. color healing therapy and mantras for body and mind healing and relaxation.

The melodies and color healing animations are for the following Chakras:

Muladhara - The root chakra meditation melody + Singing bowl + LAM mantra.
Swadhisthana - sacral chakra meditation tune + Singing bowl + VAM mantra.
Manipura - solar plexus chakra meditation music + Singing bowl + RAM mantra.
Anahata - heart chakra meditation melody + Singing bowl + YAM mantra.
Vishuddha - throat chakra music + Singing bowl + HAM mantra.
Anja - third eye chakra music + Singing bowl + AUM mantra.
Sahasrara - the crown chakra meditation + Singing bowl + OM mantra.

Version history Chakras meditation healing
New in Meditation 10.0
Meditation Timer
New in Meditation 8.0
Seed Mantras addition for each Chakra
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